"I have been coming to the salon now for at least 6 years and always feel comfortable. I get all my beauty products and makeup from the salon. I love my nails and toes and would'nt feel dressed now without them" - Jean

"I have been coming to have "gel nails" for over 6 years. I am very pleased and people always comment on how nice they look"

Nail Salon

Professionally treated nails Inside our nail salon

Using top quality products from Bio Sculpture we offer a range of nail services to make your nails beautiful, flexible and strong - naturally,

Bio Sculpture Gel is easy to apply, instantly dries and soaks off clean in 15 minutes.

Unlike other nail finishes, Bio Sculpture Gel is a treatment applied as a coating to strengthen and condition your nails with no damage, yellowing or dreaded fingal growth.

Bio Sculpure Gel dries instantly under a UV lamp in your choice of colour or natural finish, and if you wish to keep acrylic or glass nails, then our gel is compatible and can be applies over other nail systems.

Our nail technician is fully trained and qualified to apply Bio Sculpture Gel which applies clean and confortably with no fumes, odours and almost no buffing dust.

Long after application, Bio Sculpture Gel keeps a well-manicured look. It also excellent on toe nails with no worn or ragged edges. Our Executive Base conditions and hardens nails naturally too.

Bio Sculpture